Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Valentines Cats

Valentines day treats for the Feline fans - (or just lovers of kitsch and cute!)

In the shop there are prints and badges which would make a fabulous Valentines gift. Not one for pinning too much on plastic Hallmark holidays but nothing wrong with a bit of hearty fun at any time of the year! 
Love struck Giclée Prints (above) available in A5 and A4 here 
Cupid struck kitty badges available here. 
The Owl and the Pussycat Giclée print available here
Curled up Love cat Giclée print available here 
Cards of both of these prints and others too available here.

I am also always happy to take custom orders for different print sizes. All of these Giclée prints are printed on premium quality archival fine art paper with a beautiful finish that will last a lifetime. (unlike other digital prints)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Spacecraft Concertina Book

I really enjoyed putting together the images for the Doodleswap so I have added to them and coloured them up to make them into more of a journey within an accordion book. I've printed them out on this delicious Museum Fine art paper which is thick and textured, although delicate.  There will be a limited edition of 25 available in the shop here. I will be continuing this theme of craftscapes for an upcoming show at Easter but more about that nearer the time!

For anyone interested in making books there is a fantastic Pinterest link here to some spectacular work -

(click on the images to zoom in)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Doodleswap - Spacecraft

The Doodleswap theme this time was Space so as always it's a great opportunity to have a play! Slightly bothered by the tightrope walkers tightrope not being taut but it's just for fun! I hope the start to your New Year is going well, the heavens appear to have opened outside but it is nice being cosy in my box with two fluffy crazy lady cats for company.  So far giving up dairy has given me a sore throat.. I thought soya milk was good for you!

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Happy New Year!

So I'm a bit late but I think it's always best to have a little digesting time before officially starting the New Year. Finally after a few star jumps I am feeling revitalised and ready to propel my slightly more wobbly body into 2014. I haven't made any resolutions apart from what I tell myself I will do every month... (eat less, procrastinate less, exercise more, watch less TV, read more books etc etc) and on most of those levels I don't do too badly. But the main things I have thought about recently have been- 
To be mindful of what I eat and use with regard to the rest of the inhabitants on this planet. Watch Earthlings, it's heavy going but why it isn't more widely screened I don't know, but have a pretty strong inkling. I really hope this ends up on mainstream TV as it needs to be seen by those who aren't already scraping their consciences out and examining them deeply. Awareness isn't the issue any more, doing something about it and how to is clearly the issue.

Improve upon and experiment more with traditional skills, I've long been inspired by the breathtaking work of Shaun Tan so to work on my painting skills is a definite goal. If you haven't seen Shaun Tan's latest book 'Rules of Summer', you can see extracts here, just stunning. The simple non linear storytelling alongside surreal and sometimes sinister imagery is so spot on with regard to childhood experience and the human condition -

In the early part of the year I will be taking part in an exhibition at Wymondham Arts Centre, I'm really looking forward to putting some more craftscapes together for this. I'm working on my graphic novel still and I think there will be a lot of overlap into my work for the exhibition. A recent flight of whimsy below, getting off the planet seems to be a recurring theme!

- Space Craft - 

I plan to also get a themed exhibition off the ground in time for the end of the year... but more about that to come nearer the time.

So apart from being mindful of our part to play on the planet and becoming better at things that keep our souls fully charged lets not worry too much if we watch a bit too much telly or eat all the cakes now and then. Happy New Year!!!!