Monday, 30 January 2017

Miniature Dolls House Sewing Room - The Cat Lady - Castle Museum - Small Stories Exhibition

 I have finished my sewing room for the exhibition at The Castle Museum in Norwich - full details of the show can be found here.

This has been such fun, I shall miss coming downstairs every day to be greeted by this little scene! Now I have the last and worst bit, I have to glue every last item down so it doesn't move since once the perpex is screwed down that's it. Eeeeek!

The show starts in March, do come along if you can, it's going to be a miniature feast for the eyes!


Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Miniature Sewing Machine and Cat Doll Seamstress

I am working on my room for a wonderful exhibition at The Castle Museum in Norwich called Small Stories which will be a dream for all those as obsessed as I with Dolls Houses! Initially at the V&A's Museum of Childhood -

I am thrilled to be making one of 22 rooms which will make an eclectic wall of rooms within the show.

So here is a little work in progress. I am making a sewing room... a cats sewing room... no surprise there then!

As you can see whittling wood soon equals hands covered in plasters for a klutz like me! The machine is from Balsa wood chopped up with a scalpel. I'd not done this before so it really was a case of making it up as I went along having tried out clay without good results!


The legs and table are all balsa wood too and the wheel is stolen from my sons lego box. The tin is from a model shop but in hindsight I could have used a coke can.

And here she is the lady herself  being introduced to her machine for the first time, I think she approves :)

I changed her head so she is far more delicate now! (sorry old head!)

More to come soon.....

Doll Parts Collection - DIY sewing doll kits, cats, sloths, moon girl and the sun!

Doll Parts Collection!

At the end of last year I added the first three dolls to my doll parts collection. These are available as DIY kits or fully made up in the shop here.

Introducting Sun Girl and Suki the Sloth. Destined to be friends for their cheery outlook on life and taking it easy these two met at Sunshine Salsa classes where the sun taught the sloth how to dance and the sloth taught the sun how to relax :)

(available here)

Moon Girl and Ruby the Rabbit. In between making soup for her moon rabbit and sewing up clothes made of stars Moon Girl lights up the sky and fills it with dreams!

Available here.



Courtney the Cat and her pet pink kitten and wheelie cute pet french bulldog!

Courtney is a bit of a tearaway with tattooed thighs and pink frilly knickers but her pet frenchie Serge and her Pink Kitten called Percy keep her feet on the ground!

Available here

New doll kits are in the pipeline, watch this space!