Monday, 27 August 2012

Bank Holiday Cosies

A lovely Bank Holiday Monday morning spent playing with curled up kitties in love for the Ohh Deer Pillow Fight. Such a grey day but there's something nice about being cosied up inside with steaming tea, music and a wee french fancy when it's wet and howling outside...

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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Kitsch pretties for grown up little girls

Just a wee peek at the Percy dresses in progress at the moment. Don't know how I'm going to let these kitsch pretties go! I decided to make what I would wear rather than what I thought someone else would wear, there's no fun in making things you don't like but this could be my downfall! I hope to get the first few finished, photographed and in the shop by next weekend.

Friday, 24 August 2012

From Boomtown to Beautiful Days - a booming bootiful road trip .....

I haven't updated here for a while since I've been on the road in the West Country having a wonderful time, couldn't have gone away at a more opportune moment when the summer finally decide to show his hot little face. First stop was the amazing spectacle that is Boomtown Fair near Winchester. We've been to the last three, the first one was small, muddy and so quite hard work but last year was fantastic so we couldn't believe it when this years trumped it... a few pics to show you some of the craziness, human beings are sooo creative even when they have nothing but some scrap metal and a few balloons!
Balloon head!
The Beauty Parlour where you could glittered up and have a hair wash
Four Poster beds on the way down the hill if you need a rest on the way home
The theme was that the Aliens had landed, you'll see more soon!
The Big Wheel - just gentile enough for my fear of scary rides!
From the top!
The Town Hall
By Night
By Day
The Gramaphone Disco, every house had a different theme, there was a bank where you could explore the vaults, a casino where you entered via a phone box for some roullete, tons of different disco's, circus acts, wonderwoman spinning hula hoops, trapeze artists above the houses.. a real feast.
Lots of peculiar shop fronts
The 'hotel' if you wanted to check in for the some pampering. We have a VW camper so no tents for us but the hotel looks fab if you've had enough of the lumps and bumps of life under canvas.

Hanging pods you could sit in with music playing inside them, very popular!
Lots of beautiful and massive willow pieces
Recycled fun for the kids
Heart ladies!!
Roller disco!
Wall of Death where three incredibly brave fellas rode their bikes sitting on the handlebars hands free at a 90 degree angle. Amazing
Yet more goings on in the woods behind, bars, stages and bands and a cool down from the blistering heat!
And the most mind blowing spectacle of all (of which there were a lot!), Arcadia, an enormous spider, fire blasting out of his head to the music, lasers, round peery eyeballs, acrobats with glowing googly eyes dangling and grabbing bystander stooges from the crowd who were still open mouthed in amazeballs of amazement!
Ah Arcadia can't wait to see you again!

After Boomtown we stayed in Salisbury, really pretty although we were so tired and so glad of a hotel room we didn't see all of it. I was working online too so needed some time to recoup!
The next day we visited Stonehenge, iconic and peaceful although you couldn't get as near to it as my memories served me from childhood.
Next stop Bath, absolutely beautiful, although very touristy, not sure if we even saw a local!
Maybe it was the ice cream man scaring off the locals!
After Bath we went on to visit a fab friend in Bristol who took us on a whistle stop tour. Some gorgeous graffiti in Bristol.

The area we stayed in was in the heart of an eco community so lots of self builds, a farm, fabulous resources for kids and this wonderful hobbit cafe who served a delicious fry up!
After Bristol we stayed in Weston SuperMare. Hmmmm, kitsch seaside town a little shabby in the middle and pretty round the edges. Not as pretty as these wee cinnamon donuts on the pier! Yummy!

 After Bristol we went on to Glastonbury and climbed the Tor. Beautiful 360 panoramic views all around. Managed not to get blown off on the way down!

Next stop was Beautiful Days Festival in Devon. As you can see the rain came down the first morning and left us in quite a quagmire! It was sunny by lunchtime though and the whole weekend we had scorching sunshine. The mud remained and turned into a somewhat gluey affair but we had our wellies and were just relieved it was such sunnytastic weather!
More beautiful willow sculptures all around
We hooked up with one of my oldest and bestest friends Dom, ahhhhh. (he doesn't normally wear dangly heart earrings, hearts was the theme for beautiful days!)

Ahh the main event - Frank Turner, whooop! He was out of this world as always.
The long journey home via hideous snare ups on the M25 but we stayed happy! An incredible week with my lovely hubby. Back to reality now which actually, is also pretty blooming fantastic!x

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

And the winner is ......

The winner of the Freebies giveaway goes to...........(picked from my best swimming hat!)

Damla! (Annabell Lee). Thanks so much to everybody for entering and for all your lovely comments.
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The Fry Up Inspector himself picked the winner (Percy stepped in to help out with the disguise as we can't have those cafe's knowing they're being inspected!)

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