Sunday, 23 February 2014

Avocets, whales and goth cats!

The weekend started with finishing the second of my bird flower images, this time Avocets. There will be one more of these to complete the series of three which I will hopefully get to next week.


Then it was a weekend away in London. We were heading down to see a friends band, a Cure tribute called Liqueur (geddit!) who are absolutely brilliant getting the sound and vision spot on. We had a lovely day wandering around Brick Lane and Columbia Road on Saturday followed by cocktails and Chinese food on Upper Street before the gig. It was the best gig I've been to in a long time and I danced my socks off!  Here is Percy the cat ready for his night out in his Robert Smith gear!

On Sunday we took a wander down to Bethnal Green to try a cafe well known for it's fab breakfasts, Cafe 338. We narrowly avoided a huge queue that developed just after we got in there so go early if you try it too! It was nice, a great range of veggie breakfasts if you're that way inclined and absolutely piles of food, I advise going for a small one! On the way back we were walking past Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London's soon to be opened premiere cat cafe and saw Lauren (the owner and founder) outside so said our hellos but didn't want to disturb what was clearly a very busy time. They aren't open yet but soon! I've done quite a bit of illustration for Lady Dinah's for cards and merchandise so lovely Lauren really kindly let us pop in and meet the cats and have a look around. Wahhhh so so lovely, really well adjusted and clearly so well looked after. They happily sit around in the windows and love the attention they're getting.  I did have a bit of a sore head from one too many cocktails the night before, wish I'd been a bit fresher! You can buy merchandise and find more information on Lady Dinah's here.

We had time before our train so took a walk to the river and over to the South Bank. We really needed to walk off that brekkie too, I am still full up as I write this at 6.30pm! The train ride went slowly, we were amazed at the Italian who spoke loudly but lyrically like bubbling water none stop all the way (2 hours!) apparently to himself but presumably to some poor soul on the other end of the bluetooth headset. That was soooome monologue! 

I had time on the train to finish some pattern ideas for some fabrics which I shall upload once they're working and also discovered that an anagram of Ella Goodwin is almost 'whale doodling' give or take the odd h and d! So here I am! - 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Free downloadable PDF for a DIY Mothers Day Card - Pop up Percy!

It's a little early but I thought I'd give some time to make it!(it could of course be used for a different occasion as there's no text- you can do that bit!) You can download the template here. You can print it out with colour or why not colour the black and white version yourself!

It's a really simple pop up but here are some instructions just in case!

Print and cut out the template

Crease on the fold lines indicated by the dashes on the guide.

Line up with grass lines and stick down by his belly onto the card.  Hey presto pop up Percy! Enjoy! 

This is not for commercial use - ©

Many Mothers Day friendly gifts and cards are also available in the shop here.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day and Wagtail Flowers!!

Happy Valentines day to all. I already feel sick from all the heart shaped choccies scrumptious though they were! This was the card I made my lovely husband. (which makes more sense if you know that he is the Fry Up Inspector!)

I've also been playing with acrylics lately in preparation for submission for the Society of Feline Artists show in August in London. My work is always hand drawn and inked but I tend to colour digitally. For that show none of the work can be digital so it's been great to get back to hand techniques and away from a screen. (even though Sindy is taking all the credit here!) You can buy this mini painting here

I've been working on some illustrations to be in a forthcoming show in April too which I'm really looking forward to! This is the first of a set of Bird Flower Families. The next ones are all coastal birds but these are Yellow Wagtails with their sleek golden feathers. (or yellow tulips depending on how much you squint your eyes!) I love the idea of the juxtaposition of the tender closeness of the close knit family and the independent freedom that the birds symbolise. Something we all struggle with in our contrary human way.(or is that just me!)

I am also working on a few private commissions at the moment (mostly cat related!). Always happy to have a chat about any custom work you may have ideas for. Just drop me a line here.