Wednesday, 20 August 2014

"No, no, no, I'm overdue, I'm really in a stew" said the white rabbit!

Gosh it has been so long since a post, my sincerest apologies for being so tardy. It has been a super hectic summer. I tend to update Facebook and Instagram daily so please come over and follow for ridiculous pictures of Tiger and Chewbacca alongside my work!

So I submitted my work to the Society of Feline Artists Annual Show and all three pieces were accepted. I was a bundle of nerves on the day because everyone else was showing their hyper real totally amazing paintings and there's me with some daft cats dressed up as acrobats! The show is on at the  Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London from the 21st of August to the 19th of September so please do pop along! It's just down from the South Bank where there is also always soooo much going on so worth a great day out :)

Here are two of the watercolours I submitted, I shall get better photo's of them in their frames at the show! - 

I also went to Boomtown Fair again this year, a totally amazing festival with so much going on you simply can't do it all so always feel the need to go back as soon as you get home.

I have been working on numerous bits and pieces which are now available in the Etsy shop from rabbits hitching lifts on owls to hanging basket flower ladies. It's been a lovely summer of experimentation! Next I want to really tone down my colour palettes but it's been fun playing with watercolour.

So now I am having to think about Christmas and card designs..eek! Here was a recent play with Percy and his antlers, lots more coming up soon - 

I also did a stand at Norwich Body Art Festival last weekend which was fantastic! I was testing the water a little to see how my work might go down, well it seems the beautiful tattooed ladies and coiffured chaps were pretty keen! Thanks so much to all those who bought work and for all the lovely comments. I am looking into Brighton Tattoo for next year so fingers crossed for that one! This fella below was quite popular :)

So apart from upcoming shows in November at House Cafe in Norwich, Free Spirit Day at the Forum where I shall be exhibiting, and a piece for a Day of the Dead Show in California too there's not much else on ;)  Oh... hang on! I'm going to Japan in three weeks, sooooo excited for this one! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Hummingbirds and Pussycats

Whilst traveling over the last couple of weeks I became friends with some little hummingbirds who had been fluttering around in my head. These rings are from one of the watercolours. You can see more on my Facebook page in the shop.  

Rings available in the Etsy shop. :)

I have been playing with hanging them so if you click the image below you can download and make one too! I am  making these available for a limited period, after which time they will be available to download in the shop along with others. I do suggest you use heavier paper than I have for this first trial above but you could experiment with lots of different sizes, I would loooooove to see the results!

Click on image, then right click from the enlarged one and save.

Not to be used for commercial purposes ©Ella Goodwin

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Willow Gallery Exhibition - On until Mid July - Illustration and Pretties

Willow Gallery Exhibition - 15th June - 15th July 

Willow Gallery Octagon Farm,
Bungay Road, Norwich, NR14 8SA 01508 493627

I have my illustration adorning the walls of this lovely space out in Framingham Earl, Norwich. This beautiful barn also has a ceramics studio so you can go along and paint your own pottery as well as eat tea and cake, what more could you ask for.....

Zazen lady and her cat


The Hitchers

Bird Flowers, 'Bumbelina' and 'Let Your Fish Swim Away'


Fairy Ferris and Space Craft

See, told you there was cake!

Saturday, 7 June 2014

The Owl Sanctuary Bar Boot Sale - Norwich Art, Design and Craft Fair

Recently the old Marquee pub in Norwich reopened as The Owl Sanctuary, there's a great write up on it on the Life in a Fine City blog. (fab new blog about the local area run by two lovely ladies)

Every last Sunday of the month there is a Bar Boot Sale from 1 - 5pm where you will find a host of local artists and makers. I put together this months poster for it, appropriate as this months charity is The Stray Cat Rescue and Rehoming Centre in Norwich! :) So after this weekend I shall be a busy at fairs every weekend until the beginning of July when Barcelona beckons, yay!

 This little foxy fella was inspired by a story I heard on my endeavors to learn some Japanese - 

'Moshi Moshi' is used when answering the phone in Japan. I read that this may be because Foxes are crafty tricksters in Japanese fairytales, stealing and cheating in magical ways. Apparently a fox can't say moshi moshi back so this is a great way to find out if it is a sneaky fox calling you! How very useful! (there are some other possible explanations but I like this one!)

Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Shows, fairs and fish

So after a mud filled weekend at my first festival of the year it's been a super busy week! I finished off my 'Let your fish swim away' illustration just in time for it to be part of an exhibition I am in at Willow Gallery starting next week. (more about that in my next post when it's all up and I can show you pics!) My first solo show and in a lovely space so I'm really looking forward to taking all these creatures along...

This new print is available here :)

As with the  Zazen girl in my last post this is also inspired by an element of Ruth Ozeki's 'A Tale for the Time Being". That book had such a profound effect on me, I really can't recommend it enough. This particular bit is about letting your fish swim away, those fears that flip around in our bellies....


All prints are on heavyweight premium quality fine art papers and always blow me away with the how beautifully they pick up the detailed line and vibrant colour. Yummy!


I have also produced this as a limited edition (25) concertina book printed again on heavyweight premium quality fine art papers and available here.

I have lots of fairs coming up in June too.. first up is the Art Car Boot Fair, wow there are some eclectic artists showing at this one!

The week after that I will be under a stripy canopy at the I Make Fun Stuff market in Ipswich, I also have some work in the new I Make Fun Stuff pop up shop in Ipswich so if you're nearby go take a peek(opening in June).

Saturday, 10 May 2014

So the exhibition at Wymondham Arts Centre went down a treat, really well attended with lots of sales. Here are a few pics, it was lovely to see the work on the walls of such a beautiful venue.(tricky to do the venue justice in the pics though!)

It's all over now but another exhibition is coming up in June at Willow Gallery. More about that soon!

I have been working on further pattern designs for fabrics. This new 'Sleeping Sewing Box Cats' fabric is available on cushions from the shop here. Great for any sewing room or as nursery decor.

(Chewbacca is pretty partial too!)

As fathers day is on the horizon I put together some badge sets for any cat loving dads. These are available in the shop here. I'm also now stocked in The Gift Emporium on the Lanes in Norwich and soon to be in the I Love Fun Stuff pop up shop in Ipswich so if you're nearby pop in!

 I have fallen in love with a beautiful book called  "A Tale for the Time Being" by Ruth Ozeki. I am about two thirds of the way through and torn between gorging myself on page after page and not wanting to finish it for fear of having to leave that world and the revelations it holds. It's achingly touching with such strong reflections of ones own self and has that feel where you think you suddenly 'get it'(life) but then it's gone again in a flutter but it is a reminder of our own humanity and who we should be as a whole. There's a particular image that really stuck with me about the fish fluttering in your belly, but when you're at peace it will grow and swim away. It reminded me of the physical pain of homesickness as a child, never really feeling at home in one place or another until the realisation that you are your home.    

Anyway I won't spoil it! The image below is a lighthearted element in what is tragic in places but so tender in others. Zazen (seated mediation), holding your egg..... the cat of course found spiritual enlightenment many moons ago so he is just after some food :)

Saturday, 12 April 2014



So just 3 days until the show, all framed prints and limited editions are bubble wrapped and neatly piled so just the sundries to make and cat biscuits to bake! It should be a really fun evening at the Private View with scrumptious cakes from Mad Hatters and wine sponsored by Mellasat. There will be cat bunnies lurking in corners and crazy ladies flying around on bumblebees and wagtails.

Can't thank Amelia Bowman enough for putting on such a fab exhibition and giving me the opportunity to show in such a lovely venue alongside herself, Janet Bowman and Gavin Robbie. 

Amelia works with a combination of collagraph printmaking and digital pattern design. Describing her work as ‘fun with a hint of vintage’, Amelia’s inspiration comes from the landscape and artifacts of the world around her.

Janet Bowman is a sculptor who works with clay and wax to produce original pieces that are then cast in bronze resin. Her work focuses primarily on life-size animal studies inspired by many trips abroad.

Gavin Robbie is a local photographer whose passions are landscape, long exposure and low light techniques. By capturing several moments in time, Gavin’s describes his photographs as depicting reality, but not as we see it.

Colourful, fun and nostalgic - an exhibition designed to make you smile!

Wymondham Arts Centre
15th - 27th April
Mon - Sat - 10 - 5
Sunday - 12 - 5

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hokusai, cushions and exhibitions...

I have just finished my Hokusai inspired illustration.."Making the Great Wave". Apart from cats knitting waves and sewing rainbows of capybara unicorns my favourite part was the kittens afloat in sewing boxes which you can see in the detail below. Quite a crazy one this one but I am so excited about an upcoming trip to the land of futuristic fairytale in September I couldn't resist an extra sprinkle of kawaii.

This giclee print is a limited run of 100 and available from the shop here.

 There are also cat print cushions available in the shop too, nice and large to make for a lovely centre piece on the sofa!

I have a crazy schedule coming up over the next two weeks. Wednesday sees me at the private view of the Illustrator Members Showcase for the SCBWI alongside the London Book Fair. I am really proud to be a part of that exhibition with my circus cats! I am also organising my work to go in a new shop opening in Norwich Lanes in a few days. The Norwich Gift Emporium looks like it's going to be great.. I shall update once ribbons are cut, it opens on Good Friday!

Next weekend it will be time to hang work for the show at Wymondham Arts Centre! I will be showing 20 pieces alongside Amelia Bowman, Janet Bowman and Gavin Robbie.... and there will be all sorts of other goodies for sale too! Come along it will be a feast of colourful goodness to warm the soul.

The weekend after the show opens I shall be at Norwich Makers Market with my wares alongside a plethora of lovely designer makers and their quirky goods, it's a lovely venue with a fab cake stall too so come down and save me from myself!  -

The week after that I shall be at the newly opened Owl Sanctuary in Norwich for another art fair which should be a great day (27th April) with yet more eclectic artists and makers. We are so spoilt in Norwich lately as the Norfolk and Norwich festival starts a couple of weeks later too!