Saturday, 12 April 2014



So just 3 days until the show, all framed prints and limited editions are bubble wrapped and neatly piled so just the sundries to make and cat biscuits to bake! It should be a really fun evening at the Private View with scrumptious cakes from Mad Hatters and wine sponsored by Mellasat. There will be cat bunnies lurking in corners and crazy ladies flying around on bumblebees and wagtails.

Can't thank Amelia Bowman enough for putting on such a fab exhibition and giving me the opportunity to show in such a lovely venue alongside herself, Janet Bowman and Gavin Robbie. 

Amelia works with a combination of collagraph printmaking and digital pattern design. Describing her work as ‘fun with a hint of vintage’, Amelia’s inspiration comes from the landscape and artifacts of the world around her.

Janet Bowman is a sculptor who works with clay and wax to produce original pieces that are then cast in bronze resin. Her work focuses primarily on life-size animal studies inspired by many trips abroad.

Gavin Robbie is a local photographer whose passions are landscape, long exposure and low light techniques. By capturing several moments in time, Gavin’s describes his photographs as depicting reality, but not as we see it.

Colourful, fun and nostalgic - an exhibition designed to make you smile!

Wymondham Arts Centre
15th - 27th April
Mon - Sat - 10 - 5
Sunday - 12 - 5

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hokusai, cushions and exhibitions...

I have just finished my Hokusai inspired illustration.."Making the Great Wave". Apart from cats knitting waves and sewing rainbows of capybara unicorns my favourite part was the kittens afloat in sewing boxes which you can see in the detail below. Quite a crazy one this one but I am so excited about an upcoming trip to the land of futuristic fairytale in September I couldn't resist an extra sprinkle of kawaii.

This giclee print is a limited run of 100 and available from the shop here.

 There are also cat print cushions available in the shop too, nice and large to make for a lovely centre piece on the sofa!

I have a crazy schedule coming up over the next two weeks. Wednesday sees me at the private view of the Illustrator Members Showcase for the SCBWI alongside the London Book Fair. I am really proud to be a part of that exhibition with my circus cats! I am also organising my work to go in a new shop opening in Norwich Lanes in a few days. The Norwich Gift Emporium looks like it's going to be great.. I shall update once ribbons are cut, it opens on Good Friday!

Next weekend it will be time to hang work for the show at Wymondham Arts Centre! I will be showing 20 pieces alongside Amelia Bowman, Janet Bowman and Gavin Robbie.... and there will be all sorts of other goodies for sale too! Come along it will be a feast of colourful goodness to warm the soul.

The weekend after the show opens I shall be at Norwich Makers Market with my wares alongside a plethora of lovely designer makers and their quirky goods, it's a lovely venue with a fab cake stall too so come down and save me from myself!  -

The week after that I shall be at the newly opened Owl Sanctuary in Norwich for another art fair which should be a great day (27th April) with yet more eclectic artists and makers. We are so spoilt in Norwich lately as the Norfolk and Norwich festival starts a couple of weeks later too!

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Update... bird flowers, fabrics and tattoos

I finished the last in the series of three bird flowers inspired by the North Norfolk coast. This final sleeping family are Sandpipers. You can see the three together below.(click on the images to zoom)

My fabric samples from Spoonflower arrived this week too, really pleased with how successful the tiling was. A little scared to chop it up! But new products using these rockabilly cat fabrics will be available in the shop soon. You can also buy the fabrics via Spoonflower.

I was at Clutter City on Saturday at Norwich Arts Centre,  a lovely day and it was nice to be in the foyer for a change. There was a cake stall opposite which was a bit dangerous but oh my, cheese and chilli shortbread, what a treat. Check out Mountain Bakery.

After Clutter City we jumped in the van for a music weekender in Northampton, Bedlam Breakout. My friend had her stall there for Last Gang Emporium so I spent most of my money before I even got to the bar. Lovely new Sourpuss dress though and went very well with my ears! (excuse the glamorous travel lodge backdrop!) We saw some great bands including The Black Cat Boppers and The Moonshine Stalkers who were ace.

This was also an amazing week for cancer charities with over 2 million raised at this point. I saw a lot of lovely ladies miss the point a little and post pictures of themselves looking beautiful as always but forgetting to add the number to text and donate so Percy stepped in for a little reminder!

My mother has been asking for a standalone illustration of Tattoo Lou from the Circus Cats print so feeling a little under the weather yesterday all I was fit for was doodling tattoos all over pussycats. A welcome break from a hectic week of working on a ton of illustration for Zambian education.

I also received an invite to the  Private View for the SCBWI Illustrator showcase which I am really proud to be in and coincidentally this is the circus cats again.(you can see Candyfloss Joss peeking out from the second row down!) If you're in London come along, it's alongside the London Book Fair so there will be lots to do!

Thursday, 6 March 2014

Spring time Exhibition

 Next month I shall be in an exhibition at Wymondham Arts Centre which I am really looking forward to! Here is the flyer and if you're in the vicinity please stop by!


It's a collaborative exhibition with Amelia Bowman who makes beautiful collagraphs, Janet Bowman's wonderful sculpture and Gavin Robbie's magical photography. Amelia describes it as an exhibition to make you smile and it really will be a wonderful way to really feel it's Spring at last!

Above is just a taster of some of the images, I am working on a new piece on the theme of the bird flowers as well as some more craftscapes. 

Oh and this is Holly Golightly pussycat lady Hepburn!  I adore Breakfast at Tiffany's and couldn't get this daft lady out of my head after revisiting it recently. It is available in the shop here as a high quality print on lush Hahnemühle fine art paper for any Audrey fans.

Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Happy Pancake Day!!!

I have done my pancake making chores this morning! (gave my son the salt cellar thinking it was sugar, whoops, luckily it went well with maple syrup apparently!)  I'm on a sugar detox at the moment and was surprised to find that marmite and tomatoes on pancakes is rather nice. Percy the cat has got the wrong end of the stick here but they sure look good! This little watercolour will be sent free with the first order today, I don't often sell originals so it could be a bit of a bargain depending on what you purchase! -


I recently finished a commission to illustrate these two Spanish kitties Rasca and Pica. A slightly more natural take which was an absolute pleasure.

This was the original image to work from. It must be nice to have creatures that clearly love each other so much unlike our two bickering fluffbags - 

I am always open to ideas, collaborations and commissions so just drop me a line for a chat about anything or even just to say hi! - ellajanegoodwin at gmail dot com

I'm also working with iSchool Zambia again this month to create illustrations for schools which is such a fulfilling project that I am really proud to be a part of. Here is a snapshot of some of the zillions of illustrations from last year! Simpler than my personal work due to speed of putting them together but great fun nonetheless!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

Avocets, whales and goth cats!

The weekend started with finishing the second of my bird flower images, this time Avocets. There will be one more of these to complete the series of three which I will hopefully get to next week.


Then it was a weekend away in London. We were heading down to see a friends band, a Cure tribute called Liqueur (geddit!) who are absolutely brilliant getting the sound and vision spot on. We had a lovely day wandering around Brick Lane and Columbia Road on Saturday followed by cocktails and Chinese food on Upper Street before the gig. It was the best gig I've been to in a long time and I danced my socks off!  Here is Percy the cat ready for his night out in his Robert Smith gear!

On Sunday we took a wander down to Bethnal Green to try a cafe well known for it's fab breakfasts, Cafe 338. We narrowly avoided a huge queue that developed just after we got in there so go early if you try it too! It was nice, a great range of veggie breakfasts if you're that way inclined and absolutely piles of food, I advise going for a small one! On the way back we were walking past Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium, London's soon to be opened premiere cat cafe and saw Lauren (the owner and founder) outside so said our hellos but didn't want to disturb what was clearly a very busy time. They aren't open yet but soon! I've done quite a bit of illustration for Lady Dinah's for cards and merchandise so lovely Lauren really kindly let us pop in and meet the cats and have a look around. Wahhhh so so lovely, really well adjusted and clearly so well looked after. They happily sit around in the windows and love the attention they're getting.  I did have a bit of a sore head from one too many cocktails the night before, wish I'd been a bit fresher! You can buy merchandise and find more information on Lady Dinah's here.

We had time before our train so took a walk to the river and over to the South Bank. We really needed to walk off that brekkie too, I am still full up as I write this at 6.30pm! The train ride went slowly, we were amazed at the Italian who spoke loudly but lyrically like bubbling water none stop all the way (2 hours!) apparently to himself but presumably to some poor soul on the other end of the bluetooth headset. That was soooome monologue! 

I had time on the train to finish some pattern ideas for some fabrics which I shall upload once they're working and also discovered that an anagram of Ella Goodwin is almost 'whale doodling' give or take the odd h and d! So here I am! - 

Have a great week!

Wednesday, 19 February 2014

Free downloadable PDF for a DIY Mothers Day Card - Pop up Percy!

It's a little early but I thought I'd give some time to make it!(it could of course be used for a different occasion as there's no text- you can do that bit!) You can download the template here. You can print it out with colour or why not colour the black and white version yourself!

It's a really simple pop up but here are some instructions just in case!

Print and cut out the template

Crease on the fold lines indicated by the dashes on the guide.

Line up with grass lines and stick down by his belly onto the card.  Hey presto pop up Percy! Enjoy! 

This is not for commercial use - ©

Many Mothers Day friendly gifts and cards are also available in the shop here.

Friday, 14 February 2014

Happy Valentines Day and Wagtail Flowers!!

Happy Valentines day to all. I already feel sick from all the heart shaped choccies scrumptious though they were! This was the card I made my lovely husband. (which makes more sense if you know that he is the Fry Up Inspector!)

I've also been playing with acrylics lately in preparation for submission for the Society of Feline Artists show in August in London. My work is always hand drawn and inked but I tend to colour digitally. For that show none of the work can be digital so it's been great to get back to hand techniques and away from a screen. (even though Sindy is taking all the credit here!) You can buy this mini painting here

I've been working on some illustrations to be in a forthcoming show in April too which I'm really looking forward to! This is the first of a set of Bird Flower Families. The next ones are all coastal birds but these are Yellow Wagtails with their sleek golden feathers. (or yellow tulips depending on how much you squint your eyes!) I love the idea of the juxtaposition of the tender closeness of the close knit family and the independent freedom that the birds symbolise. Something we all struggle with in our contrary human way.(or is that just me!)

I am also working on a few private commissions at the moment (mostly cat related!). Always happy to have a chat about any custom work you may have ideas for. Just drop me a line here.

Wednesday, 29 January 2014

Valentines Cats

Valentines day treats for the Feline fans - (or just lovers of kitsch and cute!)

In the shop there are prints and badges which would make a fabulous Valentines gift. Not one for pinning too much on plastic Hallmark holidays but nothing wrong with a bit of hearty fun at any time of the year! 
Love struck Giclée Prints (above) available in A5 and A4 here 
Cupid struck kitty badges available here. 
The Owl and the Pussycat Giclée print available here
Curled up Love cat Giclée print available here 
Cards of both of these prints and others too available here.

I am also always happy to take custom orders for different print sizes. All of these Giclée prints are printed on premium quality archival fine art paper with a beautiful finish that will last a lifetime. (unlike other digital prints)

Saturday, 18 January 2014

Spacecraft Concertina Book

I really enjoyed putting together the images for the Doodleswap so I have added to them and coloured them up to make them into more of a journey within an accordion book. I've printed them out on this delicious Museum Fine art paper which is thick and textured, although delicate.  There will be a limited edition of 25 available in the shop here. I will be continuing this theme of craftscapes for an upcoming show at Easter but more about that nearer the time!

For anyone interested in making books there is a fantastic Pinterest link here to some spectacular work -

(click on the images to zoom in)

Tuesday, 7 January 2014

Doodleswap - Spacecraft

The Doodleswap theme this time was Space so as always it's a great opportunity to have a play! Slightly bothered by the tightrope walkers tightrope not being taut but it's just for fun! I hope the start to your New Year is going well, the heavens appear to have opened outside but it is nice being cosy in my box with two fluffy crazy lady cats for company.  So far giving up dairy has given me a sore throat.. I thought soya milk was good for you!