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So it's been a while as it’s been such a busy summer! I thought I should update for those who don't subscribe to the newsletter. (which you can subscribe to here!) I wrote this on route back home from travels in Slovenia and Croatia in August and what a magical adventure it has been. I teach as well as illustrate, make and create so I was teaching along the way (online) but still had time for lots of wanderings. We went over to Tolmin via beautiful Ljubljana to go to Punk Rock Holiday, a 5 day festival by the river with music, food and plenty of inflatable flamingoes! The highlights of the festival were Frank Turner, Pennywise and also a fab Spanish band called Wild Animals. (But there were so many more amazing bands, too many to mention!) We stayed in a moomin house, walked up mountains, ogled at beautiful gorges, chatted with cats, cows and donkeys and ate far too much stodgy yellow food! My skin and waistline is not thanking me for it!

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