Saturday, 12 April 2014



So just 3 days until the show, all framed prints and limited editions are bubble wrapped and neatly piled so just the sundries to make and cat biscuits to bake! It should be a really fun evening at the Private View with scrumptious cakes from Mad Hatters and wine sponsored by Mellasat. There will be cat bunnies lurking in corners and crazy ladies flying around on bumblebees and wagtails.

Can't thank Amelia Bowman enough for putting on such a fab exhibition and giving me the opportunity to show in such a lovely venue alongside herself, Janet Bowman and Gavin Robbie. 

Amelia works with a combination of collagraph printmaking and digital pattern design. Describing her work as ‘fun with a hint of vintage’, Amelia’s inspiration comes from the landscape and artifacts of the world around her.

Janet Bowman is a sculptor who works with clay and wax to produce original pieces that are then cast in bronze resin. Her work focuses primarily on life-size animal studies inspired by many trips abroad.

Gavin Robbie is a local photographer whose passions are landscape, long exposure and low light techniques. By capturing several moments in time, Gavin’s describes his photographs as depicting reality, but not as we see it.

Colourful, fun and nostalgic - an exhibition designed to make you smile!

Wymondham Arts Centre
15th - 27th April
Mon - Sat - 10 - 5
Sunday - 12 - 5

Saturday, 5 April 2014

Hokusai, cushions and exhibitions...

I have just finished my Hokusai inspired illustration.."Making the Great Wave". Apart from cats knitting waves and sewing rainbows of capybara unicorns my favourite part was the kittens afloat in sewing boxes which you can see in the detail below. Quite a crazy one this one but I am so excited about an upcoming trip to the land of futuristic fairytale in September I couldn't resist an extra sprinkle of kawaii.

This giclee print is a limited run of 100 and available from the shop here.

 There are also cat print cushions available in the shop too, nice and large to make for a lovely centre piece on the sofa!

I have a crazy schedule coming up over the next two weeks. Wednesday sees me at the private view of the Illustrator Members Showcase for the SCBWI alongside the London Book Fair. I am really proud to be a part of that exhibition with my circus cats! I am also organising my work to go in a new shop opening in Norwich Lanes in a few days. The Norwich Gift Emporium looks like it's going to be great.. I shall update once ribbons are cut, it opens on Good Friday!

Next weekend it will be time to hang work for the show at Wymondham Arts Centre! I will be showing 20 pieces alongside Amelia Bowman, Janet Bowman and Gavin Robbie.... and there will be all sorts of other goodies for sale too! Come along it will be a feast of colourful goodness to warm the soul.

The weekend after the show opens I shall be at Norwich Makers Market with my wares alongside a plethora of lovely designer makers and their quirky goods, it's a lovely venue with a fab cake stall too so come down and save me from myself!  -

The week after that I shall be at the newly opened Owl Sanctuary in Norwich for another art fair which should be a great day (27th April) with yet more eclectic artists and makers. We are so spoilt in Norwich lately as the Norfolk and Norwich festival starts a couple of weeks later too!