Wednesday, 15 July 2015

July - The Underground Gallery Norwich

Having never worked big I thought I should take on the challenge when asked by Life in a Fine City if I would do a board for the Underground Gallery at St Stephens Underpass, Norwich. Funds were tight so I used emulsion tester pots, quite a test as they dried within a second of putting them on the lumpy boards. However I can't wait to play with some decent materials after this which will feel like utter luxury! 

I used a projector for guidelines from a sketch I'd drawn up onto acetate, however most of these came off when I painted the first layer so it ended up being quite freehand.

My hair also changed from pink back to blonde during the painting :)

Getting a full picture has been tricky so for now here it is in it's entirety. I do wish I had filled the space a bit more but it was a great learning curve and I look forward to doing more. If anyone needs any flowers or cats painted onto their houses I'm your wo-man! 


Some of the other fabulously quirky and varied street art. There is so much more so do go and take a look if you're local :)