Monday, 19 March 2012

Wedding Invitations - Custom made

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Wedding invitations I designed and made for my upcoming big day! Just got to find a dress now after the first heavenly 50s couture one disintegrated before my eyes, sniff. So if you see any 50s promstyle vintage numbers please let me know! Otherwise I'll be making it myself which is fine too.

Friday, 16 March 2012

The Jar Project - putting the lid on a memory a day

I recieved my jar to partake in the Jar Project and decided as the theme was to fill the jar with stories I would fill it with my memory sketches which I've been putting down over the last couple of months. It's a tree of wee me to almost adult. Fiddly to say the least but seems appropriate to have a contained home for them all. The exhibition of all 200 jars will be at Brooklyn Art Library later on this Spring, wish I could make it over the pond Flat Stanley style with the jar!

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

A memory a day - 41 - Shyness is nice.....

17 years old, attending Norwich City College supposedly to educate myself in the joys of Psychology and Sociology. The reality was a smoke filled F-Block. Hugely fond memories of great friends made and it could be seen as a sociological education in some respects! I learnt nothing academic but had a great time drinking tea and smoking cherry menthol tobacco. Ask by The Smiths always reminds me of this time due to it being the top song on the old 80s nicotine stained Jukebox hanging off the wall and the song I put on most frequently. Everything But The Girl was saved for when you crashed and burned because you made the mistake of asking!

A memory a day - 40 - Lighting up Linate

About 16/17 at Linate Airport, Milan about to board the plane back home after spending time at my dads in Italy. I've already by this point been told I should scrub my fully gothed up face, been called Bustina Gob Vomit and asked why the hell I should be dressing for a funeral by a very unhappy with my teenage style choices, father!

I naively couldn't see what on earth the problem would be with taking my bullet belts and gun lighter through customs. In hindsight it isn't so surprising that officers were horrified and that lovely lighter never did make it to Blighty

Friday, 9 March 2012

A memory a day - 39 - Jangling and Dangling

Around 16 a friend and I would climb up the ladder on the back of St Andrews Hall in Norwich and wobble around on the roof ending up leaning over the edge watching the world beneath go by and all the goths hanging out outside what was the Red Lion (now the doghouse). It gives me palpitations just thinking about it! Particularly as we probably would be sharing a bottle of cider up there teetering over the edge of a 100ft drop. Urghh. We would also of course have at least 25 bracelets on each arm as this was de riguer for the minigothlets that we were at the time, jingle jangle!

Doodling with your eyes shut

Was lovely to switch the brain off for 5 minutes shut your eyes and let the pencil take over the paper. A little mini task I did that was in Digital Arts Mag set by the fabulous Jon Burgerman. Just wondering now who all these little beasties are!

Saturday, 3 March 2012

A memory a day - 38 - The Blue Paint Party

In the fourth year at school so about 15 and my ma astoundingly agrees I can have a party. I was pretty square at that time so no one thought anything would go wrong! We're thinking a few videos which I hire out, bowls of popcorn, some punch. My mum was to be in her studio working all evening. Not many hours later no videos have been watched, popcorn and pineapple cheese sticks are trampled into the cork tiles of the kitchen floor but worst of all gatecrashers have found my mums store of silk screen printing dyes and poured them all over the carpets and the walls! Absolute nightmare, my poor poor mother was devastated and certainly screamed everyone out of the house pretty sharpish! It never came out of the carpets which had to be replaced. Oh dear. sorry mum (again!)

Friday, 2 March 2012

National Doodle Day

It's national doodle day today so why not switch off your brain for ten minutes and scare yourself with the insides of your head!

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A memory a day - 37 - Living with The Archers

This is where my mum would always be found when I was a child. (I resisted the urge to put a the roll up hanging out of her mouth which was also a permanent attachment at the time!)In her studio lost in amongst the Archers on Radio 4, a luke warm cup of earl grey and a hairdryer blasting out to dry the inks on her silk printing screens. The most intricately beautiful artwork you can imagine. In contrast to the vibrant work she was painstakingly poring over she was always dressed from head to toe in black. She'd also be wearing about 5 belts and a vest over the top of a tight black lycra dress. (I think it was an 80s thing!) She was and still is incredibly stylish and even wears a touch of colour on occasion these days! Love you mum x