A memory a day - 3 - Measles and Beans

About 7 years old - Measles! In bed under a fabulous pink eiderdown itching but really excited by the baked bean jigsaw puzzles I'd been given to cheer me up! I have always remembered that puzzle as being baked beans but when I looked it up I can find no evidence of such a puzzle in a can at the time so I might be mistaken but this is how I remember it so this is how it stays!

On the end of the bed sits Tripod the cat. She was named Tripod due to an unfortunate event at the time.....(see tomorrows pic!) In these pics due to blurry memory edges she may well resemble more the fluffy hovercraft cats I have today who like to float around in boxes and squeeze onto bookshelves as they do make rather fabulous models. (oh and don't they know it!)


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