A memory a day - 6 - Whizzer and chips off to Zimbabs

About 8 years old on a plane on the way to be with my pa who now lived in Bulawayo, Zimbabwe. My mum very kindly saved all my comics that were delivered weekly including Whizzer and Chips, The Beano, The Dandy and Topper for weeks and weeks beforehand so I had a right old treat of a pile to take on what was a really long trip for a wee lass on her own.

I had my brand new favourite dungarees on. I had also been upgraded to business class so very excited about the toiletry bag that had all sorts of potions in it along with a sleeping mask. How very grown up! Unfortunately I was sick all over my new dungarees shortly after this (hence the waiting sick bag) and I remember being thoroughly distraught about it! But I have really fond memories of little Bulawayo airport and being so excited about dad being there to pick me up after missing him terribly. Awwwww


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