Monday, 6 February 2012

A memory a day - 28 - Coke Can Car Keys

When I was about 12 years old we had a fabulous summer driving from Italy over to Portugal where we stayed at a house a few miles from the beautiful Algarve coastline with my Grandfather, his wife and their sons(my uncles). A fabulous villa it was, in the middle of nowhere with an outdoor pizza oven to cook the dinner in, lizards running up the stone walls and ruins nearby. My uncles were my age and youger (my Grandfather remarried) and when we discovered that pooin rhymmed with ruin we took great delight in singing this song everytime anyone went near it. Oh the hilarity! Pffff.

Anyway, dad lost the one and only set of car keys we had on the beach in the sand, we searched and searched to no avail. Upon telling a local farmer this he was convinced he could handcraft us one from a coke can. He did indeed make a beautiful key from said can. Alas it didn't work but it's a nice memory none the less!


Em said...

Oh your blog is just beautiful! I adore the concept!

Ella Goodwin said...

Thanks Em, that's really kind! I was pouring over your blog just yesterday, what a feast for the eyes it is!