A memory a day - 31 - Sore Bottoms and Humongous Hairdos

A little unbalanced this one but so were those ladies so nevermind. When I was about 10 or maybe younger (sorry going back a couple of years from the last one) my dad looked after a friends studio for a few months while he was away. It was an amazing studio in Mile End, London, a vast space in a converted warehouse. The thing I loved the most about it was the hammock that went from one end of the studio to the other. I wasn't actually there on the evening of the doodle above but loved the image of it when my dad told me about a party he'd had. Three curvy ladies were enjoying the hammock, round bottoms fitting perfectly, until, wallop the whole thing collapsed and there were three sore bottomed pear shaped lovelies on the floor!

The other wee memory of this period was that dad used the shampoo that belonged to the follically challenged artist who the studio belonged to for the time was there. Dad had a pretty thick full head of hair but after using miracle grow on it for a few months it became a lustrously thick mane of mammoth proportions!


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