Thursday, 23 February 2012

A memory a day - 34 - Punch Drunk

13 years old, my first encounter with alcohol.

My dad had taken me to stay with friends on a trip back to Zimbabwe. I have lots of beautiful memories of this summer but one of the least exotic but vivid is that of having my first gut churning, head crushing and somewhat anxiety inducing hangover!

I laid in bed at said friends house feeling seasick wondering how I had come to wake up on a ship in the roughest of seas and then recalled a gargantuan bowl of scrumptious red juice, full of fruit and what turned out to be rum and feeling a strange confidence for a shy child gleefully chatting with strangers. That confidence soon turns to mortifying embarrassment overnight! Didn't try that again for a while! (not that any of it felt any different at any other point in my life!!)

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