Friday, 2 March 2012

A memory a day - 37 - Living with The Archers

This is where my mum would always be found when I was a child. (I resisted the urge to put a the roll up hanging out of her mouth which was also a permanent attachment at the time!)In her studio lost in amongst the Archers on Radio 4, a luke warm cup of earl grey and a hairdryer blasting out to dry the inks on her silk printing screens. The most intricately beautiful artwork you can imagine. In contrast to the vibrant work she was painstakingly poring over she was always dressed from head to toe in black. She'd also be wearing about 5 belts and a vest over the top of a tight black lycra dress. (I think it was an 80s thing!) She was and still is incredibly stylish and even wears a touch of colour on occasion these days! Love you mum x

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