A memory a day - 38 - The Blue Paint Party

In the fourth year at school so about 15 and my ma astoundingly agrees I can have a party. I was pretty square at that time so no one thought anything would go wrong! We're thinking a few videos which I hire out, bowls of popcorn, some punch. My mum was to be in her studio working all evening. Not many hours later no videos have been watched, popcorn and pineapple cheese sticks are trampled into the cork tiles of the kitchen floor but worst of all gatecrashers have found my mums store of silk screen printing dyes and poured them all over the carpets and the walls! Absolute nightmare, my poor poor mother was devastated and certainly screamed everyone out of the house pretty sharpish! It never came out of the carpets which had to be replaced. Oh dear. sorry mum (again!)


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