Thursday, 24 May 2012

cat-ch up!

I haven't updated my blog for a little while so I thought I'd put up a rather ramshackle montage to explain a little! I've been uber busy this year juggling many things. I am one of life's plate spinners and I couldn't be any other way, luckily my fabulous fiance Gary (pictured in his office!) is the most supportive, enthusing and understanding fella you could hope to meet. We get married next month. For those who haven't seen it already there is a pic of my fabulous engagement ring!(thanks to Aurea at the Golden Plague for opening her closed Etsy shop to make it, a star indeed, it is now open for business again, go and see the loveliness -
The pic below Gary is a rather sore new tattoo on my foot, love this little fella. I will put a better one up once it has healed. Oh and there is me in Barcelona last year, I put this one in as our honeymoon next month is to be in Pineda and Barcleona, cannot wait! I was going to put a sneak peak of the fabric I have made my wedding dress out of on here but I figure I'll leave that as a surprise for now!

Also I've been putting some fabrics on Spoonflower, I await the proofs so these aren't for sale yet but will be very soon and will be adorning a new line of dresses in the shop.

I had to let one of the spinning plates drop last week which was my work at Norwich University college of The Arts. I had some good times there with some lovely colleagues and fabulous students who will remain good friends but you can't do everything. I continue my online tutoring work though which is a wonderful job with an eclectic bunch of students from far and wide.

So amongst freelance projects, tutoring and my own work you should be seeing a lot more of me on here once I get back from what will be a wonderful honeymoon and the best year ever!

ps - a few days left to go to  and win a Percy Cameo!


Cool for Cats UK said...

Love the Percy fabrics! Enjoy your special day next month and have a fab honeymoon. Kathy x

Ella Goodwin said...

ah thank you!!!! Can't wait!x