For the doodleswap(13) this time I decided to have no plan and see where the pen wanted to go. So it's all a mix of the looping worlds of my heads insides. Great fun!  Have been reminding myself lately not to be precious. Remembering what it's like to be 5 and draw the simplest of pictures and then move onto the next without a worry of whether it could go in a portfolio. Having said that I did precede to rip one of these doodles tearing it out of the sketchbook and was most upset forgetting all about the earlier 5 year old me who wouldn't be fussed as there was plenty of time for more!

(click to enlarge)


c.creativity said…
Fun! It's hard not to edit yourself as you go along, but from time to time a great creature will pop up in a doodle that wouldn't have surfaced otherwise!

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