Wednesday, 1 August 2012

And the winner is ......

The winner of the Freebies giveaway goes to...........(picked from my best swimming hat!)

Damla! (Annabell Lee). Thanks so much to everybody for entering and for all your lovely comments.
For the rest of August to say thank you here is a coupon code for 20% off in the shop - SUMMERTIMEPERCY
(just type it in when you make a purchase and hey presto 20% off your order!)

The Fry Up Inspector himself picked the winner (Percy stepped in to help out with the disguise as we can't have those cafe's knowing they're being inspected!)

Not sure where to go for a full english bumper brekkie? -


2 comments: said...

Congratulations, Damla! Nice swimming hat - I used to have a blue one just like it.

Ella Goodwin said...

Ah do you! Love these swimming hats, I saw a beautifully exotic lady in Soho wearing one as part of her clubbing outfit a while ago. I don't imagine many people would've got away with it but she looked amazing!