Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Dancing Red Pandas and Creative Procrastination....


Red Panda's are amongst the most beautiful animals, incredibly shy and often hidden in the trees when we see them at our local zoo presumably because they've been up all night jiving! 

You can buy this as a Premium quality Hahnemuhle Giclee print right here.

Yesterday I had promised myself I would go through my paperwork, organise receipts etc so as always when one has pressing things to do the cupboard cleaning and Percy Family album painting seem like a much better idea. We are off to NYC for a visit on Friday so I think I am far too excited to be paperworking this week! It's also Doodleswap 15 so expect many NYC travels inspired doodles very soon!


Claire said...

I realised I haven't been on your blog in ages!
The Pandas are beautiful!

Ella Goodwin said...

aww thanks Claire!