Sad times for Badgers

A truly sad day for the badger and the humans who are capable of such desensitised acts. The badger cull has started today -

There are so many different opinions on both sides of the fence for this one and it's up to you to where you want to sit but I know which I side I am most comfortable on. 

I'm not here to tell you what you should think or do but if you do support the cause and you like this Percy drawing you can do your bit whilst at the same time owning an original. I don't sell my original drawings usually so this is quite unusual. You can purchase it here all proceeds to the Badger Trust



Oooh Betty said…
This post, the picture, made me cry. Just senseless.
animella said…
aww I know and I can't believe they've extended the cull. So so sad for such beautiful creatures. When I was in Italy recently there was a set near my dads house, we saw them running up the road together as a family one evening, so sweet x

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