Day of the Dead and The Royal Kittenbaums

With Halloween and Día de Los Muertos looming I thought I'd put together a couple of new illustrations. Percy is a little late to arrive so he's hitched a lift to the party!

(You can buy both of these prints in the shop - here and here

I have so much coming up but there's always time for a quick silly! I introduced my son to one of my all time favourite Wes Anderson films today - The Royal Tenenbaums. Wonderful characterisation filled with heart wrenching wit, however he was unimpressed and probably not ready for such things just yet! Here are the Royal Kittenbaums! (see what I did there... ba dum chh..... tumbleweed....)

If you're in London next weekend I shall be at Spitalfields on Saturday the 19th October with Designers/Makers selling my wares and pulling pair after pair of woolly socks on to keep the cold autumnal breeze out that appears to be looming! Do stop by and say hi if you're in the vicinity as there will be stall to stall quirky goods perfect for the start to the Christmas shop. (sorry to mention the c word so soon!) Speaking of Christmas though I have designed a range of cards exclusive to Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium which will be available soon and here is Percy the cat riding the Christmas Robin!

(print available here)


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