'Cat'lendar girls - Cat Calendar 2014

 Something that started out as a sleepy doodle in between a cup of tea and some 'proper' work turned into next years calendar - 'Cat'lendar Girls 2014 (see what I did there.....). If you click on the pics you can see them a bit bigger.  Thank you Twinkie Chan for being Miss November! You can buy them in the shop either as a downloadable printables or as a ready printed mailed to your doorstep - All in the shop with lots more illustration super suitable for Christmas pressies!


I have also had this little fella buzzing around in my head alongside many other creatures and beasties continuing the hitching a lift theme  -


The rest of what I have been working on will probably stay under wraps until after Christmas as they are all commissioned surprises. I'm always open to any commission ideas, just drop me a line!


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