Cotton Reel Cats and Crochet Kittens

I have been working on a graphic novel, a story that's been fully formed for some time but you sure do realise the holes in your story when you draw it out. I will post more soon but in the meantime here were a couple of new characters that cropped up even though this story was never intended to include any cats! 

I'm also at Renegade next weekend so as these ladies were quite appropriate to such a festival of making I have made them available as prints too in the shop. So.. lots to do with commissions for Christmas prints and bags coming in but that's okay, it's too cold to venture outside anyway, so with hobbit slippers on and fluffy pompommed onesie at the ready here I stay armed with pencils and needles!


c.creativity said…
I imagine your story will benefit greatly from having such lovely thread cats in it--they are extremely charming!
Ella Goodwin said…
Thank you, I hope so! :)

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