Saturday, 22 March 2014

Update... bird flowers, fabrics and tattoos

I finished the last in the series of three bird flowers inspired by the North Norfolk coast. This final sleeping family are Sandpipers. You can see the three together below.(click on the images to zoom)

My fabric samples from Spoonflower arrived this week too, really pleased with how successful the tiling was. A little scared to chop it up! But new products using these rockabilly cat fabrics will be available in the shop soon. You can also buy the fabrics via Spoonflower.

I was at Clutter City on Saturday at Norwich Arts Centre,  a lovely day and it was nice to be in the foyer for a change. There was a cake stall opposite which was a bit dangerous but oh my, cheese and chilli shortbread, what a treat. Check out Mountain Bakery.

After Clutter City we jumped in the van for a music weekender in Northampton, Bedlam Breakout. My friend had her stall there for Last Gang Emporium so I spent most of my money before I even got to the bar. Lovely new Sourpuss dress though and went very well with my ears! (excuse the glamorous travel lodge backdrop!) We saw some great bands including The Black Cat Boppers and The Moonshine Stalkers who were ace.

This was also an amazing week for cancer charities with over 2 million raised at this point. I saw a lot of lovely ladies miss the point a little and post pictures of themselves looking beautiful as always but forgetting to add the number to text and donate so Percy stepped in for a little reminder!

My mother has been asking for a standalone illustration of Tattoo Lou from the Circus Cats print so feeling a little under the weather yesterday all I was fit for was doodling tattoos all over pussycats. A welcome break from a hectic week of working on a ton of illustration for Zambian education.

I also received an invite to the  Private View for the SCBWI Illustrator showcase which I am really proud to be in and coincidentally this is the circus cats again.(you can see Candyfloss Joss peeking out from the second row down!) If you're in London come along, it's alongside the London Book Fair so there will be lots to do!


c.creativity said...

The bird flowers are very cool!

Ella Goodwin said...

Thank you! :)