So the exhibition at Wymondham Arts Centre went down a treat, really well attended with lots of sales. Here are a few pics, it was lovely to see the work on the walls of such a beautiful venue.(tricky to do the venue justice in the pics though!)

It's all over now but another exhibition is coming up in June at Willow Gallery. More about that soon!

I have been working on further pattern designs for fabrics. This new 'Sleeping Sewing Box Cats' fabric is available on cushions from the shop here. Great for any sewing room or as nursery decor.

(Chewbacca is pretty partial too!)

As fathers day is on the horizon I put together some badge sets for any cat loving dads. These are available in the shop here. I'm also now stocked in The Gift Emporium on the Lanes in Norwich and soon to be in the I Love Fun Stuff pop up shop in Ipswich so if you're nearby pop in!

 I have fallen in love with a beautiful book called  "A Tale for the Time Being" by Ruth Ozeki. I am about two thirds of the way through and torn between gorging myself on page after page and not wanting to finish it for fear of having to leave that world and the revelations it holds. It's achingly touching with such strong reflections of ones own self and has that feel where you think you suddenly 'get it'(life) but then it's gone again in a flutter but it is a reminder of our own humanity and who we should be as a whole. There's a particular image that really stuck with me about the fish fluttering in your belly, but when you're at peace it will grow and swim away. It reminded me of the physical pain of homesickness as a child, never really feeling at home in one place or another until the realisation that you are your home.    

Anyway I won't spoil it! The image below is a lighthearted element in what is tragic in places but so tender in others. Zazen (seated mediation), holding your egg..... the cat of course found spiritual enlightenment many moons ago so he is just after some food :)


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