Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dance of the Moon and the Moth and Dia De Los Muertos in the undergrowth...

Being away from a screen to do this watercolour for a Day of the Dead Show in Anaheim, California has been therapeutic, so many little faces! I was pleased that this came out just as it was in my head. Dia de Los Muertos comes to Wonderland :)

I tried out some Schminke watercolours of my mothers and I so wished I had used them for this as they are amazing! Definitely something to invest in very soon. However my slightly less fancy ones did a grand job.

A while ago now I wrote a story about a moth who was terribly shy but couldn't help herself but dance when she saw the moon much to the pains of her self conciousness. We have had so many beautiful moths flying around in our garden this summer I thought I would draw them. Yep they all looked just like this, well, the ones that survived the giant felines strangely gentle jaws anyway. You can buy the fine art print of this here too!

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