Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Happy New Year!

Sooo I am a little late with a post.. cough. I keep my facebook and instagram regularly updated daily so do follow me there if you don't already!

The Autumn of 2015 has been an eventful with some great markets including Clutter City and of course Norwich Makers Market! I took over Norwich Makers Market this year with the help of my fabulous husband! We held two markets, one in the Spring and one at Christmas, both were a roaring success but the Christmas one really was nuts! With crowds pouring in the second we opened we were overwhelmed by the immense support for our independent makers in Norwich this Christmas. Thanks so much if you came along! We can't wait for next years markets in April and November and hope you can make it if you're local :)

 I also had an exhibition at House in December where I was able to show all of my new work, thanks to all the lovely people who bought artwork and sundries and thanks to Helena who was so lovely! 

It's been a full on couple of months creating new work and also trying out different formats such as ceramics and more fabric items. I am presently designing a new range of jewellery which will be far more intricate than the this years and will be available in the Spring. (many end of line items are on SALE in the shop from this years range - )

In November I took on a studio in the centre of Norwich. I have a studio space at home but wanted somewhere technology and clutter free to work on a personal project. (a graphic novella/comic/whatever you want to call it.... a quirky fairytale told via the medium of pretties!) It's a lovely space, still quite sparse but I'm slowly spreading out and looking forward to getting more time in there in the New Year. 

I have serious organisation problems at home in the form of never ending piles of ideas everywhere..and I mean everywhere! These piles seep into the rest of my life so there is never any balance or differentation between working and resting and playing. To have a clear space equals a clear head, it's a breath of fresh air and I cannot recommend it highly enough! I don't see it as a business move but just one for a kind of contentment and wellbeing achieved by simply getting better at your craft and completing projects which have been banging on the doors of ones dreams for a long time and need to find their way into the world.

And one last thing.. today I made a Moon Cat Mobile to take to my studio... "What, you didn't have one already?!!!"  I hear you cry... I know, a shocking oversight on my part!  

If you would like one too you can download the file here for free.  I am sure you can work out the cutting out and sticking it together bit yourselves! Happy New Year, may 2016 be amazing for all of you! (We're going back to Japan in May so I think it's going to be pretty stupendous!)

Wednesday, 26 August 2015

DIY 'Living in the Land of Do' Pencil Cases Tutorial

In your kit you will recieve the fabric and zip make your pencil case to fit all your goodies in so you can continue to live in the Land of Do :)

You can buy the kit here.

(you can also buy them made up here if you're not feeling so crafty!) 

Here are the simple instructions to help you put it together in no time. Do feel free to get in touch if you have any questions.

Place one of the Outer Fabric pieces right side up. Unzip the zip so that the pull is in the middle and lay the zipper wrong side up along the top horizontal side. Align the top edge of the zipper with the top edge of the fabric. Pin and sew along the inside. (where pins are in this image). You will find it easiest to use a zipper foot on your sewing machine unless you are hand sewing.

Place one of the Lining Fabric pieces on top, wrong side up. Pin all three layers together, being careful to keep the zip centered and straight as you pin. When you get to the zip pull, zip it over to a section that has already been pinned, so that the fabric of the zipper stays straight and flat. (sew along where are the pins are in the image)

Turn both pieces wrong sides together so that the zips teeth are right above the fold. Press and pin the fabrics together along the edge of the zip.

Edge stitch along just below the zip teeth. You could also hand stitch this with a bright colour like pink to give a pretty finish.

Go through the same process on the other side with the outer fabric and lining fabric.

Slide the zipper pull to the middle to get it out of the way. Pull the two Lining Fabrics up and out of the way and bring the right sides of the Outer Fabric pieces together. Pin the two outer fabric pieces together along all three raw edges. Make sure the zipper is folded in such a way that you can pin its two fabric edges together with the teeth of the zipper pointing up and away from the Outer Fabric pieces then you can sew around the edges of the outer fabric.

Do the same with the lining fabric but make sure you leave a gap for turning out.


Snip the corners of the outer fabric from the inside so that you get a nice point when you turn out.

Turn out the fabric through the gap you left in the lining. This is the point where you realise how important it was that you kept the zip undone! 


Sew up the hole where you have turned out and press your pencil case... fill it with goodies! 

(Optional - sew heart shapes together and attach to zip.)

Place one of the Lining Fabric pieces on top, wrong side up. Pin all three layers together, being careful to keep the zipper centered and straight as you pin. When you get to the zipper pull, zip it over to a section that has already been pinned, so that the fabric of the zipper stays straight and flat. - See more at:

Monday, 17 August 2015

New products for kitsch kittens and crazy cat ladies

I can't believe I'm about to say the c word but yes it is that time when I have to start getting stock ready for Christmas! I have lots of new goodies in the pipeline including more feline inspired crazy cat lady jewellery and prints as well as the 'Living in the Land of Do' range which includes mugs, stationery and pencil cases. My work is always based around doing and the DIY ethic having always been a keen maker. 

The short run of mugs sold out so quickly I barely had time to blink but I now have another run as well as a new design. 

The design go's all the way round the mug giving a different element of the illustration for each turn. They all come in sweet presentation boxes so great as gifts. If you look closely you can see that the sleeping cat is a house too so a great housewarming pressie! 

I am yet to photograph and list the ones below as they are fresh in today but I hope you like the motivational aspect of the message here!

There are also two new necklace designs for cat ladies and eclectic sewing fans who love the tools of craft as much as I do! (see below) 

And finally this print is available in the shop too.... "Draw no Evil, Sew no Evil, Knit no Evil" - 

I have so many more new goodies in the shop and you can also come to Holt this Saturday to see the whole collection in person! -

Wednesday, 15 July 2015

July - The Underground Gallery Norwich

Having never worked big I thought I should take on the challenge when asked by Life in a Fine City if I would do a board for the Underground Gallery at St Stephens Underpass, Norwich. Funds were tight so I used emulsion tester pots, quite a test as they dried within a second of putting them on the lumpy boards. However I can't wait to play with some decent materials after this which will feel like utter luxury! 

I used a projector for guidelines from a sketch I'd drawn up onto acetate, however most of these came off when I painted the first layer so it ended up being quite freehand.

My hair also changed from pink back to blonde during the painting :)

Getting a full picture has been tricky so for now here it is in it's entirety. I do wish I had filled the space a bit more but it was a great learning curve and I look forward to doing more. If anyone needs any flowers or cats painted onto their houses I'm your wo-man! 


Some of the other fabulously quirky and varied street art. There is so much more so do go and take a look if you're local :)


Monday, 1 June 2015

June... yes June!

I thought it was time I did an update and a little summary of what's being going on. I update daily on Facebook and Instagram which sadly does mean that this poor little blog gets a little neglected. Do follow on those other networks though and you can see all sorts from my autocratic kitties enjoying a bottom tickle to new work, special offers and general day to day doings :)

Since February I have created a fair bit of new work and also had an exhibition at the Norwich Gift Emporium Gallery as well as the Open Studios Taster Exhition at The Forum. I took part in a couple of fabulous markets; I Make Fun Stuff in Ipswich and BUST Craftactular in London both of which were full of so much eye candy it was hard not to spend all of my earnings on the day! I also have new stockists in Portland, Oregon, and other parts of the US, Belgium and Australia since going wholesale too so please do drop me a line via the website if you're interested in stocking any work and seeing prices. Speaking of which the website is looking much prettier now so do go see!

New illustrations -

Foxley Wood was inspired by Bluebell woods of East Anglia which were throbbing carpets of colour a couple of weeks ago and the plight of the foxes and badgers against crazy humans forever angry at their presence.....

Belljar Mermaid Kittens inspired by Carrie Anne Noble's fabulous new fairytale and YA book "The Mermaids Sister". A glorious and oh so innocent classic.


A trip to Paris in April galavanting in Montmartre led to this little Carousel Cat stitching her way around the fair :)

Lastly a zen cat light as a feather sleeps in that enviable tranquility that cats always manage. I have plenty of other new work too which can be seen in the shop alongside all of these which are available as prints. 

 I also created a range of Alice in Wonderland cushions in celebration of her 150th Birthday this year which you can see here. They're available as made up cushions in the shop but also as a DIY kit is you want the cheaper craftier version! The Cheshire cat is a little bit special because he is reversible to leave just his smile :) You can see the video here.

 Myself and my husband have also taken over Norwich Makers Market and we had the first event last Saturday to great success(and relief!). I was so nervous about this and whether people would come but lovely shoppers were queueing at the door well before our 11am opening time and the continued to come and see us throughout the day with the cafe from Deerly Beloved selling out of cakes and pastries by lunchtime! They promise to bring double next time!  Thanks heaps to all the traders and shoppers who made it such a lovely day! It was such a whirlwind that I managed to take zero photo's, gah!

I made goodie bags for the first customers through the door consisting of cactus kits and lots of offers from all the traders. I'm already thinking about what we can make for the Christmas ones! Here are a few pics and the Christmas Market will be on the 28th November, see you there! - 

I am currently doing Open Studios until Saturday 6th June (inclusive) so if you're local do pop along and see my kitsch work area! I will also have lots of work for sale at some slashed special prices just for Open Studios.  Here are my details and opening times -

I can't fit everything in here of what has been and what is coming up but I am very excited about painting a really big piece over the next 4 weeks which will be a part of the Underground Gallery . This is being organised by the fabulous Life in a Fine City. Do follow their Blog and  Facebook for details on all the artist. I'm also finally getting my head into organising the spreads for a graphic novel that has been on the boil for far too long now alongside getting excited about upcoming jaunts to Barcelona and Corfu. I really hope Summer arrives soon!