Happy New Year!

Sooo I am a little late with a post.. cough. I keep my facebook and instagram regularly updated daily so do follow me there if you don't already!

The Autumn of 2015 has been an eventful with some great markets including Clutter City and of course Norwich Makers Market! I took over Norwich Makers Market this year with the help of my fabulous husband! We held two markets, one in the Spring and one at Christmas, both were a roaring success but the Christmas one really was nuts! With crowds pouring in the second we opened we were overwhelmed by the immense support for our independent makers in Norwich this Christmas. Thanks so much if you came along! We can't wait for next years markets in April and November and hope you can make it if you're local :)

 I also had an exhibition at House in December where I was able to show all of my new work, thanks to all the lovely people who bought artwork and sundries and thanks to Helena who was so lovely! 

It's been a full on couple of months creating new work and also trying out different formats such as ceramics and more fabric items. I am presently designing a new range of jewellery which will be far more intricate than the this years and will be available in the Spring. (many end of line items are on SALE in the shop from this years range - http://shopmissella.etsy.com/ )

In November I took on a studio in the centre of Norwich. I have a studio space at home but wanted somewhere technology and clutter free to work on a personal project. (a graphic novella/comic/whatever you want to call it.... a quirky fairytale told via the medium of pretties!) It's a lovely space, still quite sparse but I'm slowly spreading out and looking forward to getting more time in there in the New Year. 

I have serious organisation problems at home in the form of never ending piles of ideas everywhere..and I mean everywhere! These piles seep into the rest of my life so there is never any balance or differentation between working and resting and playing. To have a clear space equals a clear head, it's a breath of fresh air and I cannot recommend it highly enough! I don't see it as a business move but just one for a kind of contentment and wellbeing achieved by simply getting better at your craft and completing projects which have been banging on the doors of ones dreams for a long time and need to find their way into the world.

And one last thing.. today I made a Moon Cat Mobile to take to my studio... "What, you didn't have one already?!!!"  I hear you cry... I know, a shocking oversight on my part!  

If you would like one too you can download the file here for free.  I am sure you can work out the cutting out and sticking it together bit yourselves! Happy New Year, may 2016 be amazing for all of you! (We're going back to Japan in May so I think it's going to be pretty stupendous!)


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