Doll Parts Collection - DIY sewing doll kits, cats, sloths, moon girl and the sun!

Doll Parts Collection!

At the end of last year I added the first three dolls to my doll parts collection. These are available as DIY kits or fully made up in the shop here.

Introducting Sun Girl and Suki the Sloth. Destined to be friends for their cheery outlook on life and taking it easy these two met at Sunshine Salsa classes where the sun taught the sloth how to dance and the sloth taught the sun how to relax :)

(available here)

Moon Girl and Ruby the Rabbit. In between making soup for her moon rabbit and sewing up clothes made of stars Moon Girl lights up the sky and fills it with dreams!

Available here.



Courtney the Cat and her pet pink kitten and wheelie cute pet french bulldog!

Courtney is a bit of a tearaway with tattooed thighs and pink frilly knickers but her pet frenchie Serge and her Pink Kitten called Percy keep her feet on the ground!

Available here

New doll kits are in the pipeline, watch this space!


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