Frida Kahlo the Cat and Granzio the Fawn Dolls and Kits

I have finally released the new addition to the Doll Parts range in the form of Frida Kahlo the Cat and Granzio her fawn. As a long time lover of her work, style and who she was even at the unimaginably toughest of times, this was an inevitable addition. She comes either made up or in the form of a kit if you're feeling creative. Available in the shop here.

I included the prosthetic she had towards the end of her life. I ummed and ahhed so much over whether this trivialised her terrible hardships and how much she struggled with this and being within such a weak body but in the end felt that it was a part of who she was and so I did include it. There is a heart warming account of her twirling on it here as she got used to it even though it clearly signified such a broken body. A keen reminder to us not to worry about our nonexistent imperfections when some go through so much just to live.


The Kit comes with all fabric, lace, buttons and full instructions. (stuffing not included)

And so she joins these three - Sun Girl and Suki Sloth, Moon Girl and Ruby Rabbit, Nina Sharples and Hilda Hogden all of which come made up and as kits. These three also come with their own 12 page storybook so you can read about how they met each other! (all stories written down by me as told to me by Moon Girl, Sun Girl and Nina)


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