Thursday, 26 December 2013

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! I hope you all had a fabulous day and I am sure that 2014 is going to be a goodie! I am off now to ride my bicycle into oblivion after a ridiculous and shameful amount of food yesterday cooked by my wonderful cook of a mother! xx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

The Fairy Fair - Fairy Cats and the Moon Ferris

My very last fair of the year was the Fairyland Trust's Fairy Fair in Norwich. The Fairyland Trust have been running fairs for the last few years in the countryside where small people can go and be amongst the magical land of even smaller people! I had always wanted to go but didn't have a small child willing to be taken so hadn't made it before! So to go as a stall holder was fun and I made this Fairy Cats and The Moon Ferris illustration for the occasion. You can buy them in the shop and they are a limited edition of 100. This did reawaken an obsession with fairies and the work of Richard Doyle from my teenage years so there may well be more on this theme!

(badges and A5 print also available in the shop)

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Clutter City - last designers fair of 2013....

So this was the last weekend of fairs this year! Time to put my feet up. I have actually broken my toe so it really is! The doctor was quite impressed that I had managed to break it vertically. Ahhh only I could even do broken toes the wrong way up.

I attended Clutter City on Saturday, a lovely market in Norwich Arts Centre which goes on around 3 times a year and houses so many eclectic designers and makers. I took so many pics but it was a little dark so many haven't come out. I've included the best of the bunch. There were also tons of other fab sellers there on both days. 


 Just before leaving.....Chewbacca hoping to come along too.... 
 Layla Amber's beautiful wooden laser cut and painted jewellery. There is so much laser cut stuff on the market at the moment it was so nice to see something so beautifully executed and different from the norm. I have seen Layla's work in so many shops lately it's great to see she's doing so well. 
 Lucy Blue had the cutest hand painted tails and clouds alongside illustration.

 Mulks Scandi inspired paper goods were a breath of fresh air.

 Sasha makes the most beautiful clouds and creatures. Her stall is always my favourite crammed with kittens and creatures of all shapes and sizes beautifully made. They remind me of Jess Quinn in their eccentricity. 
 DustyDoes' upcycled leather jewellery in gorgeous colours. 
Hello Pushkin is indeed "a maker of nice things"! 
 Patternista were selling beautiful screen printed tea towels... 
Ericka Eckles had hand sewn brooches, hangers and stockings... so sweeeet! 
Dotty Noggins hand painted ceramics and illustration. 
Su Owens quirky illustration. Su also designed the fab flyer for the event. 
 Katrine Macklin - great display of illustration. 
 Print to the People keeping traditional print making alive with some totally original design as always!

There were so many more fabulous stalls from steampunk jewellery(with functioning cogs!!), Supercute stationary and Kawaii jewellery at Arkaya/Cute and Curious, children's clothes, beautifully crafted wooden home decor and even more on the Sunday too. There will be another Clutter City around Easter. So no more lugging cases full of prints and goodies around for a while! I shall be focusing on creating and Christmasing!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

FREE downloadable Percy the cat angels....

To brighten up your Christmas I have made some printable Percy and Freya angels for you! Just click on the pics to go to the larger jpg which you can print. They're really easy to put together just slot the two black straight lines together and voila, pussycat angels.

I would love to see any pics of others made up! You can share on my facebook page here.

I've got lots more Christmasy goodies in the shop too.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

'Cat'lendar girls - Cat Calendar 2014

 Something that started out as a sleepy doodle in between a cup of tea and some 'proper' work turned into next years calendar - 'Cat'lendar Girls 2014 (see what I did there.....). If you click on the pics you can see them a bit bigger.  Thank you Twinkie Chan for being Miss November! You can buy them in the shop either as a downloadable printables or as a ready printed mailed to your doorstep - All in the shop with lots more illustration super suitable for Christmas pressies!


I have also had this little fella buzzing around in my head alongside many other creatures and beasties continuing the hitching a lift theme  -

The rest of what I have been working on will probably stay under wraps until after Christmas as they are all commissioned surprises. I'm always open to any commission ideas, just drop me a line!

Friday, 15 November 2013

Christmas Cards for Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium

A while ago I received a lovely email from Lauren at Lady Dinah's Cat Emporium asking me if I'd like to design some of their merchandise. Clearly my answer to that was a no brainer! After designing their oyster card holders I have now also put together an exclusive range of Christmas cards which I am happy to say are now available, yay!

You can buy the set here. I can't wait to get down to London to visit the cafe when it's open!(see the site for more details)

Oh and this little lady above was my submission to Lazy Oaf, we have two queens in our house although Tiger usually wins out as you can see!.....

Monday, 11 November 2013

Renegade London 2013

I had a stall at Renegade London at the Truman Brewery last weekend, goodness me it was a tiring weekend! I really do have new found admiration for market traders who do it all year round in the cold, they must be exhausted! I learned that next time I do any of these big London events I have to go in a car and have a much more elegant set up, my cases and bags completely fell to pieces and it hadn't occurred to me that frames would stick to the wall without falling off. To be honest had it been me they would have most definitely fallen off! I got a few pics but I'm afraid this was a whizz round at the end since it was impossible to get away before then!

Emma Cocker had these lovely knitted taxidermy woodland creatures and so well displayed.


 And Smile were just opposite me with lots of really sweet prints and jewellery. I'm a massive Wes Anderson fan so was particularly taken by the Moonrise Kingdom and Royal Tenenbaums inspired work.

Catalina Echeverri's quirky illustration reminded me of Lane Smith's retro style, really beautiful character design.

Scout Editions were next to me at Spitalfields last time, lovely people and I just noticed on their site that they did the illustration for one of Lullatone's albums! Fantastic, love Lullatone who are an eclectic two piece based in Japan.

Custom Made had their geometric cats out to play!

There was tons of acrylic laser cut jewellery at Renegade so it was refreshing to see that I am Acrylic totally hand cut theirs!

 I have been a fan of Jimbobart for some years now so seeing his plates in the flesh was great. He also has a shop in Columbia Road, it's great to see to see how his success has really grown through such hard work over the last couple of years.

Knitted cushions from Knit and Destroy.

This was my neighbour Lucy Love This selling beautiful intricate screen prints of letters making up  London, this photo does not do them justice at all so you can see more online here.

This was my wee shop which I only managed this rather rubbish photo! But it does tell me I need to really work on a much bolder more elegant display which I knew but it was tricky fitting that in a suitcase!

My other neighbour selling sweet jewellery and illustration, Jo Want from Hello Sunshine.

Miwary was my absolute favourite and the seller was such a cutie pie. I bought the rabbit hair clips which are so well made especially for something so teeny weeny!

This was Mister Peebles, I love that David Meowie print! 


Lastly this was weirdfacebearcat who was made in a bit of down time and sold as soon as he went on the table so sadly I never got to know him but I'm sure he'll lead a happy life judging by the little girl who bought him's ecstatic face!

Friday, 1 November 2013

Cotton Reel Cats and Crochet Kittens

I have been working on a graphic novel, a story that's been fully formed for some time but you sure do realise the holes in your story when you draw it out. I will post more soon but in the meantime here were a couple of new characters that cropped up even though this story was never intended to include any cats! 

I'm also at Renegade next weekend so as these ladies were quite appropriate to such a festival of making I have made them available as prints too in the shop. So.. lots to do with commissions for Christmas prints and bags coming in but that's okay, it's too cold to venture outside anyway, so with hobbit slippers on and fluffy pompommed onesie at the ready here I stay armed with pencils and needles!