Saturday, 27 December 2014

Bye bye 2014... Japan and Zodiac Cats....

I've been a little slack on the blog these last few months due to living in hectic land in the lead up to Christmas! I was pleased to see orders go past 1000 at the beginning of December and quickly whizz up to approaching 1300 now so on top of fairs and commissions it's been a whirlwind!

It's been a fabulous year though! The highlight of which was Japan which I fell in love with to the bottom of my heart this time. We're currently saving for a big trip back in early 2016 via Shanghai. I've put a few pics of my highlights but the trip was so incredible in every way there is too much to document here!

Day one took us to the Ghibli Museum in Tokyo, an overwhelming experience. No photos are allowed and that made it all the better to keep those memories special! Inside there were three floors with all sorts of animation paraphernalia, reconstructions of the animation studios with storyboards, desks overlowing with inks and ideas and beautifully made dioramas. A life sized cat bus (only children were allowed on sadly!) sat upstairs and a film shown in the theatre which only those who go to the museum will see. (so my lips are sealed but it was beautiful!)

A cat cafe in Tokyo filled with the happiest cats :)

Fabric Haul at Nippori

The foxes of Fushimi Inari Taisha, Kyoto. These red dressed foxes (to ward off evil spirits) lined the mountain, all with their own characters. So so beautiful. The shrine is to rice and sake and many of the red gates (below) were sponsored by businesses for luck. So it has grown and grown as more torii are added to become a truly amazing sight and my favourite place that we visited.

The Red Torii gates covering 4km of pathways around the mountain of Fushim Inari Taisha, just breathtaking... literally.

Hattifnatt in Koenji, a kitsch as anything treehouse style cafe serving cute food whilst you listen to nursery rhymes :)

Cats in Shibuya. I.. have... no... idea!

Memory Lane in Tokyo with the most fabulous street food!

Feeding the deer at Nara. Even when they were biting my belly and sticking their stilletto like feet into mine they were still the most wonderful creatures!

We went to a host of other magical places, met the most gracious people and had a truly life changing experience which I am sure will lead to many more.


Once back from Japan it was back to the real world, well if you can call immersing oneself in drawing pictures of cats and foxes in fields made of sweets the real world! I attended so many fairs the wheels of my trolley's have all but melted. Renegade at the Truman Brewery was great as always and BUST Craftacular which was a new one for me was really successful although there were so many awesome sellers there I did a little more Christmas shopping myself than I had intended! 

Clutter City in Norwich and Norwich Makers Market were both hugely successful which bodes well since I have now taken over Norwich Makers Market and am currently designing new branding for it and organising the Easter and Christmas markets. 

So it's looking like another busy year coming up! To help with the planning of the year I have put together a downloadable Zodiac Cats Calendar which you can buy in the shop here.

This one below is me, Capricorn cat!

My birthday is on Christmas Day and what a lovely day it was with lots of lovely pressies from family and friends and a ridiculous feeding frenzy leaving one feeling very slothlike. I was truly spoilt though and feel so blessed to have such a wonderful husband who knew that getting me a yellow plastic cat on wheels and a pink plastic jingling bunny would make me so happy :)

Have a great New Year and here's to another year of misadventures :)


I should also just mention I am far more regularly active on my facebook page so please do follow for updates on new work and offers and probably a lot of pictures of my cats, a few capybara and the odd French bulldog :)

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Free downloadable printable cat and french bulldog gift tags....

To say thank you for all the support I have made some free downloadable gift tags for you to print and use as you please! 

You can also buy downloadable cat angels and bunting in the shop!

So just click on the image below,  then right click and save to your desktop and print. Voila kitsch kittens and pooches for your pressies :)

Thanks! I would show some photographic examples of pressies wrapped using them but I still haven't done my Christmas shopping so I'd better get cracking! 

Monday, 10 November 2014

Once Upon a Time

Yesterday was the opening for my joint exhibition with Julia Groves at House, St Benedicts St, Norwich. The show is up from now until the 7th December and is looking lovely on the walls. House also serve amazing food so I highly recommend going down for brekkie, you may even get to sit with Percy the Cat eating his!


Percy eating his House breakfast. The Fry Up Inspector would be proud. 


"Let your  Butterflies Float Away"

"Day of the Dead in Wonderland" 

"Fox Cat Dreams" 

Not the best pics and the reflected lamps are not part of the image!

Julia Groves' Seahorses

Julia Groves' Owl and the Pussycat, aren't they fabulous!


I would love to see pics of anyone who gets to sit at the table here and chow down with Percy! There will be a prize :)

There is lots more to see down at House as well as cards and sundries so I heartily recommend popping by!

House Cafe
52, St Benedicts St

Sunday, 14 September 2014

Recommended Trail Map for The Fry Up Inspector

I have been drawing teeny tiny pictures of The Fry Up Inspector's recommended cafes and other local related haunts including The Owl Sanctuary, (fab music venue and where there is a once a month bar boot arts and makers sale), Archers Butchers (sossies!) and The Grosvenor Fish and Chip shop. I personally would also have added Imeldas shoe shop and St Benedicts Arts Supplies but I guess shoes and pencils weren't so relevant!!

Of all the cafes House Cafe is my personal favourite because of their consistent super friendly service making you feel so welcome as well as the most amazing home made ciabatta with your brekkie! (great for veggies too).

Click on the image and then right click/view image to zoom in :)

Thursday, 4 September 2014

Dance of the Moon and the Moth and Dia De Los Muertos in the undergrowth...

Being away from a screen to do this watercolour for a Day of the Dead Show in Anaheim, California has been therapeutic, so many little faces! I was pleased that this came out just as it was in my head. Dia de Los Muertos comes to Wonderland :)

I tried out some Schminke watercolours of my mothers and I so wished I had used them for this as they are amazing! Definitely something to invest in very soon. However my slightly less fancy ones did a grand job.

A while ago now I wrote a story about a moth who was terribly shy but couldn't help herself but dance when she saw the moon much to the pains of her self conciousness. We have had so many beautiful moths flying around in our garden this summer I thought I would draw them. Yep they all looked just like this, well, the ones that survived the giant felines strangely gentle jaws anyway. You can buy the fine art print of this here too!

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

"No, no, no, I'm overdue, I'm really in a stew" said the white rabbit!

Gosh it has been so long since a post, my sincerest apologies for being so tardy. It has been a super hectic summer. I tend to update Facebook and Instagram daily so please come over and follow for ridiculous pictures of Tiger and Chewbacca alongside my work!

So I submitted my work to the Society of Feline Artists Annual Show and all three pieces were accepted. I was a bundle of nerves on the day because everyone else was showing their hyper real totally amazing paintings and there's me with some daft cats dressed up as acrobats! The show is on at the  Llewellyn Alexander Gallery in London from the 21st of August to the 19th of September so please do pop along! It's just down from the South Bank where there is also always soooo much going on so worth a great day out :)

Here are two of the watercolours I submitted, I shall get better photo's of them in their frames at the show! - 

I also went to Boomtown Fair again this year, a totally amazing festival with so much going on you simply can't do it all so always feel the need to go back as soon as you get home.

I have been working on numerous bits and pieces which are now available in the Etsy shop from rabbits hitching lifts on owls to hanging basket flower ladies. It's been a lovely summer of experimentation! Next I want to really tone down my colour palettes but it's been fun playing with watercolour.

So now I am having to think about Christmas and card designs..eek! Here was a recent play with Percy and his antlers, lots more coming up soon - 

I also did a stand at Norwich Body Art Festival last weekend which was fantastic! I was testing the water a little to see how my work might go down, well it seems the beautiful tattooed ladies and coiffured chaps were pretty keen! Thanks so much to all those who bought work and for all the lovely comments. I am looking into Brighton Tattoo for next year so fingers crossed for that one! This fella below was quite popular :)

So apart from upcoming shows in November at House Cafe in Norwich, Free Spirit Day at the Forum where I shall be exhibiting, and a piece for a Day of the Dead Show in California too there's not much else on ;)  Oh... hang on! I'm going to Japan in three weeks, sooooo excited for this one! 

Monday, 14 July 2014

Hummingbirds and Pussycats

Whilst traveling over the last couple of weeks I became friends with some little hummingbirds who had been fluttering around in my head. These rings are from one of the watercolours. You can see more on my Facebook page in the shop.  

Rings available in the Etsy shop. :)

I have been playing with hanging them so if you click the image below you can download and make one too! I am  making these available for a limited period, after which time they will be available to download in the shop along with others. I do suggest you use heavier paper than I have for this first trial above but you could experiment with lots of different sizes, I would loooooove to see the results!

Click on image, then right click from the enlarged one and save.

Not to be used for commercial purposes ©Ella Goodwin

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Willow Gallery Exhibition - On until Mid July - Illustration and Pretties

Willow Gallery Exhibition - 15th June - 15th July 

Willow Gallery Octagon Farm,
Bungay Road, Norwich, NR14 8SA 01508 493627

I have my illustration adorning the walls of this lovely space out in Framingham Earl, Norwich. This beautiful barn also has a ceramics studio so you can go along and paint your own pottery as well as eat tea and cake, what more could you ask for.....

Zazen lady and her cat


The Hitchers

Bird Flowers, 'Bumbelina' and 'Let Your Fish Swim Away'


Fairy Ferris and Space Craft

See, told you there was cake!